Sports and Performance Coaching

I have played golf for at least 30 years (often poorly). Sports and Performance training with David Chaney I have always been intrigued by the mental side of the game of golf and life. Developing confidence and improved performance in any activity can be an elusive task. My experience with counseling in which so many have greatly improved their lives can also be applied to other areas of life including work, school and yes, even golf or other sports.

The way we talk to ourselves when we “mess up” has a lot to do with our future performance.  Ironically the more I demand perfection of myself, the more likely I am to be anxious about the next shot.  Anxiety leads to tension and doubt which of course make it more likely that the next shot will be less than ideal.

EMDR is a form of therapy which targets past painful memories and sensations which lead to negative beliefs about ourself and our abilities (For more information click the tab on the left “What is EMDR”).  EMDR was developed primarily with clients suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and it has also been used to help with an individuals performance in work, sports or any other difficult task.  It is based on the theory that past painful memories linked with an intense negative emotion are offen triggered over and over again.  Negative beliefs about our abilities are formed and with every missed shot these beliefs seem more true.  When faced with a similar situation we almost instantly feel that sense of doubt and all those past memories of failure convince us that the next shot will not be any better.

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